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Creative 1GB Zen Nano Plus MP3 Player (Blue) $33.71 AR & Google Checkout - Buy.com


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Creative 1GB Mp3 player w/ FM Tuner - Blue



Price - $63.71

After $20 Rebate - $43.71

After Google Checkout - $33.71






You can also get an extra $30 off your 1st purchase if you're approved for the Buy.com credit card. It will give you this option when you go to checkout.





Purchase this Creative product from Buy.com & receive a $20 Mail in Rebate!! Offer valid from 2/2/2007 to 3/5/2007



The rebate forms states that you can have 2 rebates per household.

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I have a black player like this one and yes, the fm tuner works. I listen to audiobooks while at work or when I go walking. If I get bored with the books, I listen to the radio.


I'm going to order 2 of them, especially since you can have 2 rebates per household. I signed up for the credit card so I can get $30 off of 1 of them. So I'll get 2 for around $47 AR.


They have a Muvo V100 at Walmart for around $47 or so but I don't like the V100. It does not come with it's own case like this one does and it doesn't have a fm tuner.



Oh, I forgot... another reason I like this one is the shape of it. It's so easy to hold in your hand. A friend bought a Phillip GoGear 1 GB from Walmart. I could hardly hold it in my hand, it kept feeling like I would drop it. I guess I am so use to this player that everything else feels weird.

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