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I need Computer Help!!!


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I know this topic has been covered before, but we really need some help.


We went last night and all we really need is a new tower. We went to Bestbuy.


Before we knew it, we had almost talked ourselves into buying a much more expensive model. We want to spend under 500.00.


All we really do is use the internet. We was downloading music and I used to do pictures and stuff like that.


I have read over things about Windows Vista, about how it does not work well with the Celeron processors.


This would be our thrid computer in like 10 years. For what ever reason, they always quit working. We have always bought the cheaper ones.


So what should we do? Where can we get a good computer without spending to much?

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Office Depot under $450 for an Emachines.


Or go to a local Computer store and they may be able to build you one for cheaper.

Mine was last year out the door only $915. We have a huge system. If one was to buy my system from a store it would cost $2000+.

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Guest bryan1090

Wow three computers in ten years.

I've had the compaq for 8 years and now another

compaq which will last me another 8 years until I decide

its not economical to upgrade any more. With upgrades so cheap I always

tend to upgrade rather then buy new. Just bought 512k ram stick 9.99

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I'd look into buying a Dell- they usually have good deals and they last quite a while in my experience. ETA And most of the time you can refuse the monitor and such and lower the price plus get free upgrades. All depends what type of special they are running. I think the lowest priced computer you can't refuse the monitor but the rest you can. Just play around on the site and see what package you can put together for $500 or less :) (hopefully they'll have a special on s/h too)
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