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Buying Dell Laptop. Is it worth it to purchase 2 year support?

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Unfortunately IMHO since Dell has outsourced all their service phone techs etc to

India and The Philippines I have found them to be less thanhelpful. Accents so

thick that I constantly was asking them to "please repeat that, or excuse me what

was that again", I felt frustrated as did they and finally I have just given up. I really

don't think I would buy a Dell again just because of this issue.


Direct TV also outsourced most of their phone support BUT with DTV you can always

ask to be transferred to support in the US. I had this problem and the tech was very

nice but very difficult to understand and he said let me transfer you and told me that

was always my option and that he understood he had a "bad accent":p


I don't believe Dell gives you that choice.


Good Luck with your laptop...I saw lots of sales in my Sunday paper

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I got my Dell from the PX (actually my dad got it) and it only came with a 3 month warantey. It died after 8 months. I don't know if its worth it to get the service contract, but I do know it was the biggest waste of money ever.

That doesn't sound right...three months? Are you sure

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Guest bryan1090

we use Dell's in our work cars and they suck..

Mine has had a mother board, wireless card, screen and of course the

fire hazard battery. run away from Dell it sucks........:)

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I highly recommend Dell for laptops. I bought one 7 years ago and recently replaced it because it was old and worked really slow. I only had to replace the hinges (got those off EBAY). I got one last year with just the 1 year warranty. I've never had a problem with them (we have 3 laptops and 1 desktop in the house). We're thinking of replacing the desktop cause we go it for Christmas in 2002.


You should probably check out consumer reports before you buy one.


Good luck.

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My Inspiron E1405 is great. No problems at all. And BUY THE WARRANTY! I got the one year with Accidental damage coverage. Will definitely extend it before it runs out. I bought a Toshiba from Best Buy years ago and because of the 4 year warranty from them, I ended up replacing it with another Toshiba, and when it had problems, it was replaced with a Sony Vaio. And no charge to me! The Vaio never had problems and I still have it. But with all the coupons and the Duo Core package, the Dell has been excellent for me.
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