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Amazon Samsung s800 8.1 MP Digital Camera $99.94 FS


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I did not add a link, because I could not figure out whether it would like to 'my account' or not, and I could not figure out how to 'log out' of Amazon to link from there directly.


But the price appears to be only for the silver model of this camera:


Samsung Digimax S800 8.1 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver)

List Price: $299.99

Price: $99.94 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details

You Save: $200.05 (67%)



I bought the S700 7.2mp model in November at Circuit City for what I thought was the unbelieveable price of $119. And I just LOVE my camera! It takes such nice,clear pictures. I can also take a picture in TOTAL darkness where I could not see anything, and it comes out looking just as if the lights are on.


The shutter speed is nice also,,,not a long delay between pics. My camera also has a lot of features, like being able to add borders and stuff right on the camera. It will also take movie clips, the length depending on the size of my SD cards that I bought separately. The size is small and lightweight, but the image picture is large, like 2.4 inches or something.


I don't know about the S800 model, but the S700 that I have is wonderful! Also, the S700 just came out last spring or summer, so I am sure the S800 came out later. I am not sure about those Amazon reviews... unless the S800 is TOTALLY different than the S700 model, I have not experienced those type problems. I do not hear extraordinary digital 'noise', my camera has not turned off or on when I did not want it to, and my camera is guaranteed to accept at LEAST a 2 GB SD memory card. People on other sites complain about low battery life.... well,,,, duh... get high Mah rechargeables... don't bother with the regular AA's they include with the camera. Mine has taken over 200 pics and a couple of short videos on one charge.


The only downfall that I've found is that a tripod is almost a 'must' to take night or slow shuttered pictures. The S700 camera is really sensitive to 'hand shake'. I assume it would be the same with the S800.


For more 'professional' photography, this may not be the camera for a serious photographer. But for someone who wants a nice, inexpensive camera that takes clear pictures and is fairly easy to use, then this is a good buy.


So, I suggest that you read other reviews in addition to Amazon's to see if this might or might not be the camera for you.

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Man, it got TERRIBLE reviews!

The Amazon reviews ARE awful,,,,, but other sites rate this higher,,,go figure.


See also:






Some sample pics are here (and they appear as sharp as the S700 pictures that I take):




The camera rates real low on battery life but that is easily fixable by using high quality/high capacity rechargeables. Also, one guy said that it won't take more than a 1 Gig SD card, not true. One person said they could only take 1 5-MP picture with a 256 SD card... not sure what that person is doing, but I get about 50-70 pics just on the 16 MB of internal memory in the camera. So, I truly don't know what is up with these Amazon reviews or whether Amazon is just selling the defective Samsungs.

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