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Need Deal on Disney Mix Stix Clips

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My daughter has the CD's and I just uploaded them to the computer and downloaded them to the mixstick.....The CD's are cheaper unless you can get the clips on clearance. I was going to get them on the little clips too but our Target took all of them out before clearancing them to 75%, I was so bummed. I was hoping to get the kids the mixmax at $25 with some of the clips for Easter, I guess that was a no go! Disappointing. If anyone has extras of the MixMax's, I would love to buy them, looking for purple tink one and one other kinda of boyish but the HS musical one might work. I have some of the mixsticks from the first clearance round that we could trade (I think they are the 128 ones but would have to check but also have the little cases to put them in for a fairer trade?)
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I am in the S. Fl. Area and am looking for the music chips for the Disney Mix stix. I cannot find them in stock or on line anywhere. My DN asked for Cheetah Girls and High School Musical for her Bd which is Feb 10th so time is running out. If anyone has seen these please let me know.



I know my Target had the High School Musical one available on clearance too. I was just there today. Don't need them, but that clearance end cap was by the other one with the video games I was looking at. Check out your local Target.

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