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Casual/Dress clothes for hubby cheap Where to go?


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I vote for Kohl's. You didn't mention whether your hubby needs special sizes, but they have a very good selection of big & tall sizes. My husband is 6'4" and sometimes finding the fit is a challenge. I think Kohl's has great prices, just don't buy anything that's not on sale since everything eventually goes on sale.
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We went to TJ maxx and got 7 pair of High end khakis for 7.00 each! We then went to Ross stores shooped for 45 min found what we wanted. When my hubby went to try them on, we were informed the dressing rooms closed 45 minutes EARLIER than the store so we put back $100.00 worth of merchandise at least! I pitched one good fit (on deaf ears). Anyway, thanks for all the tips.
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