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T-Mobile Nokia 6030 Cell Phone for T-Mobile To Go Prepaid - $29.87 @ Wal-Mart


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Excused my ignorance also but unlocked to use with any GSM carrier means what and how would you do it?


These phones are almost impossible to unlock. Well the original Nokia 6030's with the type RM-74 or RM-75 are a breeze, but if these are the new 6030's with the type being RM-225 . . . . then you won't be able to unlock these. The majority of the T-mobile 6030's were RM-225, so I don't think these will be unlocking, but the only way to find out the type is to buy the phone and check inside the battery compartment.


However, if u keep these as a T-mobile prepaid cellular for 90 days and reup just one time . . . T-mobile will send u a unlock code.


Other than that . . . these are Excellent phones if u are not into that fancy mp3 music player or digital camera mess w/ phone. Matter fact, this may be the best phone out there if u just need a phone with excellent battery life, Quality speakerphone and basic functions. The FM radio is an added bonus.

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I am disabled , very ill and on social security disabillity . Been getting scared to drive alone . Just had a flat tire it was a nitemare . I need to saftey . Needed a emergency only phone and I have allot of time . I researched all the plans T-mobiles is the best for my type of use and prepaid from what I can see . IF you buy this phone you get your free minutes before they expire go online and buy the 100 dollar refill that will give you 1000 minutes and extend your service for a year and what they call Gold service . As long as you add minutes before the years up you get another year . If I understand it right even just 10 bucks worth . So for around 160 dollars you get saftey for 2 years . You can use any cell old phone thats charged to call 911 but often you need road service or a taxi , thats what this is for . Its even good for hospital stays . Unless your wealthy its still a big luxury . I still need a land line to use my lifeline service but this is great especially if you use a neck lanyard . I would like my elderly Mother to carry one when she leaves the house but its hard to get them to . Funny she can afford it for me on 500 a month its a struggle ....heck its a struggle to live . Sure wish these ISP and Cell phone companies would help the poor and disabled over sponsoring bowl games and Nascars . They could give out special phones that people recognized to advertise the fact . Buy this I think its the best plan for sure consider it . Others you may want to look at Boom , Net 10 and Virgin but I think this wins hands down .
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