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Kingston 1GB microSD Secure Digital Card - $12.00 After Rebate @ Buy.com


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thanks! I just ordered 2 of these for dd's new mp3 player. She'll be happy! Wonder why there's shipping on some items and not on others. Seemed like most everything use to have free shipping before.... anyway, still a good deal, even with $6something shipping for 2. Not so good if I had ordered only one, so I'm glad the rebate would work for 2.
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will this work in a digital camera??

If your digital camera takes regular Secure Digital memory cards, this will work if you use the adapter. The microSD cards are smaller than the regular SD cards and are mostly used for PDAs and cell phones.

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Meritline has this card for $15.95, FREE ground shipping, and no rebates to hassle with.

$12 AR + 6shipping = 18, so this saves a couple bucks as well as the hassle.




(btw, Thanks, Brad; I just ordered a 2GB regular SD card from another deal here; and stumbled across the 1GB micro on accident.)

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