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Good Deal on Thomas the Train sets???


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I am looking for a good deal on a Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train sets. I would like to find one for my preschool! (to go with our Target $19.99 train table!!!)


I don't need a huge set. Does anyone know of a store that is having a "Thomas Sale"?


Somone told me that AC Moore has coupons from time to time that discount an item up to 50% off. They carry Thomas sets. Does anyone know where I can find one? I checked the web site, but no luck today. Is there any time frame/schedule that those types of discount coupons are released?


I would appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance!:)

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allaboardtoys.com sometimes has really good deals! Maybe garage sales too! You might also want to inquire with a local train or hobby store (more mom/pop or even hobby lobby) in your area. Most have sales on in stock Thomas sets and trains. My oldest is in the Bachmann Thomas sets now, and giving his younger brother the wooden sets.
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