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Awesome Sony Home Theater at Walmart!


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Hi everyone.


This is my first post, but the deal I got was so good, I had to share it with everyone. Walmart has on clearance (in the stores) the Sony HT-DDW900 (note, I said the 900, NOT the lower model 700), for $198! Now, what makes this home theater so special is that it has 2 HDMI input / 1 HDMI output on the receiver! That alone makes it worth the $$, but when you add the speakers and subwoofer too, it's a REAL bargain! Believe me, I have been looking at this system for a couple of months, but the cheapest I have ever seen it was $250, but NOONE ever has it in stock because it's so popular (and one of the highest rated systems, both by professionals and those who have it at home...look at the Amazon reviews).


Okay, I said my speech, but if you are looking for a very good quality HDMI home theater system for under $200, RUN to your local Walmart and grab one! FYI, it does not contain an HDMI cable, but you can pick one up for under $30.


FYI, I am in Nashville, TN.

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