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MS Office Small Business & Quicken Home 2007


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Before I add these programs into my Dell purchase, I wondered if anyone knew of deals available for MS Office Small Business (including Publisher and Powerpoint)? I know about Open Office, but really need to include Publisher for work as well. No need for Access. I know that Office 2007 is coming out soon too, but I am not sure if I will be needing the new version immediately, as others I do business with may not have it yet! I work for a non-profit, but we do not have our own tax ID # as we work under a fiscal agent. I also teach at a college, so could qualify for Student/Teacher version...but again, I need Publisher.


The other program I am looking for is Quicken 2007. I know there are commonly rebates available on this type of personal finance software, and I have used it before. What do they usually need you to provide to show you are a past customer that is upgrading? And is that still valid if I need to install into this new computer.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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It's "rumored" that all of the 2003 versions of office will go on major discount when the 2007 stuff comes out. I don't know about all of the other things your talking about, but the good thing about new software is the old stuff gets marked down. So you might want to consider waiting if you can.
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Good points! Think I may wait it out and use Open Office/Office 2007 Free Trial to start with and see how the pricing is when the new version is released...


In the mean time, if anyone notices drops in MS Publisher (stand alone), Quicken 2007, or MS Office 2003 please post here!

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