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Wallflowers - White Barn Candle Co

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bought over 100 dollars worth of these buggers... should last me a whole year!!! I love these things they are the best and longest lasting smelly things I have found... 5 bucks you can't beat it. I looked all over for coupon code for shipping and couldn't find any.
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Wallflowers are a BBW product (White Barn is the BBW Company)


Currently, they are on sale for $5 for a new set or 2 refills. That is a GREAT DEAL!


They are supposed to last between 30-45 days, I just think it depends on where you use them.


These make great teacher gifts (I just bought 3 of the apple diffuser sets for end of the year presents for teachers), so if you have a BBW nearby or even online, this is a great time to stock up. Also, their room fragrance sprays are on sale for $2.50 which is also a fantastic deal.


Good Luck

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Yes, BBW and White Barn Candle Company are the only places you can purchase the refills that I have found. I was hooked on them and found that I could also call a store and they would ship them to me.


I recently got hooked on Febreze Noticeables and like those fragrances and the fact that I can find the refills in more places.

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