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problem solving idea for gifts


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My husband who wants everything :smirk: isn't so bad, but for the 12 year old it can be difficult to find gifts they really want.

Throughout the year he says he would like to have this or that but when it come right down to his b-day or Christmas time he doesn't have a clue, and when you mention the items he suggested earlier he says no.:mad:

So I started to have him keep a journal. :book:

I bought a discounted small notebook and every time he wants or likes something I have him write it down.

If there are items in a magazine or an ad from Sunday's paper I have him cut it with all details and tape it into the notebook.

If it's clothes he writes down color or size

There is a section for CD's or DVD's as well :gddjmusic:


when his b-day or christmas comes around, I have him write down at least 10 or more items from his notebook and then # them in order of what he wants the most.

This also helps with ideas for family members what to give him so there are no duplicates.


I myself had started this since I never can think of anything as well and many other family members have too. I also keep a list of ideas that other people mention they would like to have and many times I surprise them because it wasn't on there list and they forgot all about it


just an idea I thought I would share to help with difficulty gift giving

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Well DD 13 knows every year about 90 % of what she is getting. We would love to be able to suprize her but it rarely works out. There have been a few times I have been able to by lucking into it. IE her James Avery ring we got for her Bday. I tell her the day I go shopping I am going and to give me a list. And that is that. :( I either pick from the list if it is large or get all of it if it is small. Anyway not much help I guess but that is what we do.
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