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Got my Christmas album on my website!


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I LOVE having this website! It is so fun and easy to upload pics and share them now. I didn't put anywhere near as many pics in this folder as the Disney Cruise album,lol. So for those of you who enjoy looking at pictures, here is the link. They aren't my best pics. I do better outdoors and when the kids aren't going crazy,lmao.





If there is anyone new who would like to check out the Disney Cruise pics just click on gallery to the upper left and choose the Cruise album. Be warned though, there are well over 1000 photo's,lol. They are interesting if you'd like to see what a Disney Cruise is like or if you have been on one!



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That is one fat cat, lol. :)

They found her out back of their house (in a huge field) in a coon trap (not theirs!). She is a real tiny boned cat but big around,lol. She is the most lovable thing, and I'm not even a cat lover.




Those where cute thanks for sharing

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!

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