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Victoria's secret codes?


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Looks like a lot of the sale items are gone are on back order. Got the e-mail two days ago houl have looked then. Anyway good luck finding some things. These are a few codes

FA64081 $10.00 off $50.00VS Beauty Purchase

FA64441 Free shipping over $100.00 good until 3/1/07

Tiered code depending how much you spen, $15.00 off $100, $30 off $150 and upwards

FA64501Free shipping for the tiered code above

There is a New years Promotion with sseveral items if you spend over $50.00. I am not sure if the code is 2007 or if that is what the promotion is called and you automatically get it if you spend over $50.00

Back to looking for reasonable things in wearable sizes.

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I Can't Get The $15 Off $100 Can You Check The Codes And See If There Is A Different Code For Each Teir Thanks

No, it's the same code, but I believe that code expired on 12/28. If it is still an active code, it may be conflicting with another of your codes (I could not get it to work on an order I placed on 12/27).

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