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Yankee Candle Semi-Annual clearance


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Is the B1G1F only on selected jar candles??


I wanted 2 of the Cherry Lemonade 22 oz jar candles, and it's showing $44 at checkout.

along the left nav there is a link to the b1g1f jars...I think you have to go through there.



OP - ty for the heads up on this sale...my MIL loves YC and I was able to order several for her.

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I'm still waiting on my order from the 29th. I called and an exuse about the sale, New Years and inventory. They didn't even print a lable to send it out until the 9th. And then they sat on it for 2 more days.

I don't think I will order from YC anymore.


Anyone else still waiting on their order?

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