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Acer 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor on sale for $169.98


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Seems there is a shortage of dvi lcd monitors in Central Ohio! lol


I just checked with CompUSA and there are none of the Acer 19" with dvi available, but they have the ones with just analog :rolleyes:


It's a present for my dad, and the most he does on the computer is get on his tractor forums and eBay - so I guess he will be fine with the analog one.


Thanks for the help everyone :)

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People I have the Acer AL1916WAsd. This is a great monitor. DVI makes things look a little better. It all depends on your video card. This monitor ships with a DVI cable. The colors, sharpness is amazing from it. I been using it for almost a year now. I paid almost $400 for it when it first came out. Snag this deal. You will not be disappointed!
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