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Disney Store-Mp3 player


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So this is my first post. I have been waiting to post a great deal. I found one for myself this time.I found a Princess MP3 player at our Disney Store for around $43.Online right now they are $74.50.I just couldn't believe it, as I had almost just bought a MP3 player at Best buy for 69.99. This one was perfect for a 6 year old.

The original cost was $99. They had them for 50% off. Then I had a 15% off coupon. My daughter will be soo happy.Now I can't wait until she opens it.

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I got my 15% coupon in an ad the Disneyshopping mailed to me. I get them every so often. I never remember to use them until this time. They did have boy MP3 plyers, it was a blue one not sure of the character? In our store the MP3 players were on the main checkout desk area.they were under a sign with 50%OFF. They had about 4-5 princess and 3-4 blue ones.Even at 50% off it is a great deal.After I got home I checked online and they were selling for $74.50 + shipping.I still cant believe the great deal I got.

I just had to share my continued good luck.... To go along with the Princess MP3 player I won 4 tickets to go see Disney On Ice Princess Wishes in Philadelphia. My daughter is going to need to be peeled of the ceiling on Christmas Day. I can't wait.

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