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Sirius Satellite Radio $19.99 @ Circuit City


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So would you say this is a pretty reliable Sirius model? I got one for my dad for Christmas because he wants the NFL stuff that he can't get with the XM he has now. I bought it on BF because it was this price then too, but it seems like the most basic model they have and I am worried that it's not gonna be great. I mean my dad won't care too much about the fancy bells and whistles he just wants the NFL channels and some good music everyonce in a while, but i just want to make sure its gonna get the job done.
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I bought this model when it FIRST came out and had a problem with the unit. I phoned Sirius warranty and they sent me a replacement. The new units have since had the problem corrected. When you first set up the unit it will probably go thru a series of updates to get the latest software from sirius. It is a good unit, very easy to set up.
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