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DEAD - Blair.com Floral print Tankini now only $6.00, reg. $39.99

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In the catalog I just got they were $11.99, when I went online their website said $6.00!

With code DZ4 get 15% off plus .99 shipping per item.:D



Your current savings offer is: 15% Discount on your Online Order, Plus $0.99 per Item Shipping

Click here to change your offer.




Floral Print Tankini

Size: 12 Product #37450

Status: In-stock

Quantity Price Product Total

1 X $39.99 $6.00 = $6.00



Current shipping method: USPS Standard

Shipping times and charges


Subtotal: $6.00

Discount: $-0.90

Standard Shipping: $4.99

Standard Shipping Discount: -$4.00

Sales Tax: $0.00

Order Total: $6.09

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If you go to the 7 day special you will see it for $6.00 I just ordered mine and it came to $6.09. I ordered one of these last summer in a different color and paid full price I love it. It fits so well and has really held up.


Thank you for finding this....

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That one did not work, either....

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