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Rock Tumbler (Roseart) - NOW $9.99 Was $37.99 @ Amazon


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Guest ashbyyokosuka

i am glad someone else mentioned that--i was GOING to buy one for my 8 1/2 yr old (MUCH higher price) but i read that they had to keep running and people ended up putting them in their garage... and then they didn't work so well--even then.


so i passed.

we will just have to buy the rocks in the bags ;)

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my ds had one and loves it..got it last year... 3 days.. ha we had it going for about 10 total days. You have 3 to 4 steps depending on the stone. Each step is 3-4 days long. We have no garage. We put it in the spare bedroom and shut the door But to DS was all worth it.
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3 days? 10 days? 2 weeks? Ha! Try 30 days. I have professional tumblers in 3 sizes. There are 4 steps, each needing to be run for 7 days. Then, at the end of the 30 days, you MIGHT have to run a burnishing step for 2-3 more days. This is NOT the hobby for the impatient. This little tumbler is basically plastic junk. OK for 10 bucks, I guess. But, I would not expect it to last long...........
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