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Barbie Collector Dolls - NOW $10.99-$14.99 ($39.99-$59.99) @ Amazon


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The ones I have posted in this thread are eligibile for FREE SUPER SAVER Shipping on orders $25+

Barbie Collector I Love Lucy, Lucy Gets In Pictures Lucy Doll


NOW $10.99 ($39.99)







Barbie Collector On Location Milan Barbie Doll


NOW $12.99 ($49.99)







Barbie Collector Ethereal Princess Barbie Doll

NOW $14.99 ($54.99)






Barbie Collector Fashion Holiday Barbie Doll by Bob Mackie


NOW $14.99 ($49.99)







Barbie Collector Golden Angel Barbie Doll


NOW $14.99 ($59.99)






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Could someone tell me how long an item will stay in your cart at this price?

I don't think there is any guarantee. If the price goes up, it will change in your cart. I have things sitting in my cart all the time. When I go to it, I get a message stating what items have changed prices. BUT ... I have something sitting there right now that is cheaper, and it didn't change.
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Since the Angel's price keeps fluctuating alot in such a short period of time, I will leave my OP alone. Once it is at the Original price for 1/2 a day or more I will fix it, just let me know.


And thanks everyone for keeping us updated on the price!. :)

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