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DEAD! -Dora's Talking Dollhouse w/Lights, Sounds & Music NOW $16.99 ($50) @ Amazon


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I will say it before everyone else, this is a SUPER HOT PRICE on a SUPER HOT TOY this holiday season!!! Go get 'em GottaDeal!!! HURRY, most likely will sell out quickly! BTW, the price has been a bit jumpy today for other people, fyi.


Dora the Explorer: Dora's Talking Dollhouse with Lights, Sounds & Music


NOW $16.99 Was $49.99 :2woot::gdclap:

FREE SHIPPING on orders $25+



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Thank goodness I'm not the one who paid $50 for this for my daughter last year! (And thank goodness she already has it so I don't HAVE to buy it!


Great find!!

LOL..I'm one of those who paid the 50 Bucks,plus $10 for each room set. :gdcry:

Well thank God I have found GOTTADEAL this year!!!!!:D

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Guest ashbyyokosuka

i bought this two years ago... for the 50+ bucks and the 10.00 bundles...

my kid STILL plays w/ it though

and so does everyone who comes over to play~


what a FABULOUS deal.


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I bought it at walmart. I don't know if they have it cheaper but I will check and see if I can get some money back. I couldn't pass up this opportunity, so I bought one for my goddaughter. I also bought the fairy wishes dora for $9.99. I am also hurt about that because I bought it at target on black friday for $24.99. I will be taking that receipt back as well.
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Raise the roof with Dora the Explorer! This huge dollhouse not only talks--it's bilingual! Unfold the sturdy plastic house to reveal several rooms, plus a second story upstairs. Press the picture frame to hear Dora talk about her family, or open the fridge to hear about how hungry she is. Six different accessories can be manipulated to produce more than 20 phrases or songs in both English and Spanish. The house is only partially furnished with built-in kitchen appliances and table, boom box and picture in living room, phone on one wall, mirror in bathroom, and miscellaneous illustrations of shelves in the bedrooms. Dora, her Mama, her Papi, and their couch are included, but additional accessories and furniture must be purchased separately. Still, from the ringing doorbell to the oven that lights up and talks, la casa de Dora es espléndida. When open, the house is three feet wide by one and a half feet tall. --Emilie Coulter


I got this off of Amazon.com... My checkbook is starting to HATE them!!! Good thing they gave me such a high limit on my CC.. J/k!!


It is taking everything in my powers not to buy the things listed tonight. My prime expired yesterday, and I am NOT renewing it.. yet!

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Okay, that is it! I have to ask a question - How big is this size wise? Describe it if possible compared to something. Like a milk jug height?

It is not horribly large! About the same size as a toaster oven - as tall as a gallon of milk but 3 wide.


It does expand but the nice feature for storing is that it folds up nicely. My girls love theirs!

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