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Need gift ideas for employees 6 guys 1 girl 15.00 price range

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Blockbuster card, microwave popcorn, soda, candy, all in a nioce gift bag or basket

I do this but in Popcorn buckets like you get at the movie theater. You can by them from Amazon.com! They make a great gift! You can find the candy boxes at the dollar store and buy the popcorn in bulk from Sam's or Costco and then they cost under $10.00 even with the Blockbuster gift card. I've also done it with a movie in it if you know there is a movie out the person would like to own. That makes it a little more expensive however.

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We had our office Christmas party last night and did a gift echange with a $15.00 limit. Some of the gifts were: music CD's, a DVD (CInderella Man), a Yankee Candle with a plate (on sale at BBB), gas gift cards, insulated plastic glasses, a starbucks coffee gift set, and a 2007 wall calendar. The ages of the people at our party were 23-60.

Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck!

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GC's to starucks, dunkin donuts, Caribu Coffee

Lottery Tickets-- movie tickets-- restaurant GC's

iTunes GC's

fleece blankets-- kohls usually has these for around $15

Blockbuster CG with the popcorn thing that others mentioned.

Copy of a new release DVD like Pirates or Miami Vice

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