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SportsAuthority ~ 25% off ONE item + $10 off of $30 GC


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Good Luck getting what you want. I ordered a Dallas jersey for my husband and it said it was in stock. Once I ordered it, I got an email that it was backordered. I called and they said they had a shipment coming in on the 11th but wasn't sure if my order was in that or not. Sure enough, it wasn't. They also said they wouldn't charge my CC until it was shipped, and they did anyway.


I will NEVER order from them again. They did NOT care how upset I was.

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I discovered something about using the coupon with GCO... seems like certain items (like the skateboards that were marked 50% shipping) wouldn't stack. But other skateboards (marked free shipping) were able to go through. I don't know about other items.
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