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Looking for budget desktop system!

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I live in Hawaii and am looking for any good desktop deals to refer to a friend. Type of system:


reasonably fast, budget system to be used for internet surfing, cd burning, general office applications. AMD or Intel is fine.


I know dell often has deals but looking for one specifically that has a good shipping deal as the cost of shipping to hawaii can be deadly.


He's ready to buy within the next few days so I told him i'd check with the professionals :)




gaz :rolleyes:

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can you give us more of a price range? budget for some can mean $300-400 while for others it can mean $500-600+. would he be interested in a refurbished model?


also, does he need a monitor as well? if so, regular CRT or LCD?

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Hey Rossman, good to see you in your stomping grounds :)


We got the following here:




Office Depot


Sam's Club



Circuit City


Bestbuy is coming but not for some time!


As for budget, I believe he's looking for $600 or less. CRT is fine as space isn't an issue. Refurbished is probably okay as long as it included warranty and standard large company support.




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