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Disney Movie Rewards

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If anyone isn't taking part in the program, I'd love some more points :)


I heard that you can only use 1 code from each title, so I already have:



Pirates of the Carribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest


I'll have one from The Little Mermaid in about two weeks lol.




Other eligible titles:


- The Fox and The Hound 25th Anniversary Edition

- Baby Einstein: Baby's First Moves

- Robin Hood Most Wanted Edition

- The Cheetah Girls 2

- High School Musical Remix Edition

- Air Buddies

- The Fox and the Hound 2

- Narnia 4-disc set

- Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa And Other Mousketales

- Disney DVD Game World: Disney Dogs Edition

- Disney DVD Game World: Disney Princess Edition

- Invincible (To be released 12/19/06)



Thanks! :)

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Have you got the 100 points on the survey? Where it says earn bonus points on the bottom I always check for surveys and one day there was one and earned extra bonus points 100. And do you know if the codes are the same for the same movie. Is all the cars codes the same since there is limit one code per movie or is every code different.
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I don't know if the codes are different. If anyone has a Cars or Pirates 2 one they want to PM to me, I'll see if it matches the one I have. (I won't use it, so if you've already used it, then that's fine, just wondering if they are different.)


I did a survey a few days ago that I got 100 points for, so I think I have to wait for another to be posted up.

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