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SD card for my Canon

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Hi, Just got the camera I ordered thanks to you all!!!! Now, I need another SD card, the one it comes with holds a whopping 10 pictures....:smirk:


thanks in advance, randie

You can change the setting and it will hold a whopping 24....I know I was disappointed with that too...I was like wow they send a card too and then when I turned it on I was like man that sucks...


I got mine on sale at Best Buy BF...Keep your eyes open adn I'm sure you'll find one for a decent price...

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Keep in mind that for some people (like myself) SPEED is an issue.


If it is, you don't want the house brand 1gb card for five bucks.


If speed isn't an issue for you, go for it! Get the cheap ones, because they work great as long as you're not taking alot of pictures very quickly.

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Randie, most all of the rebatable memory are going to run out either the 15th or at the end of the month. What I did was check all memory deals and then refuse to pay over $15 for 2gb cards. With that stipulation, this is what you've got (most at Buy.com, New Egg, and Tiger Direct).


SD (San Disk)




I hadn''t found rebates yet for Simple Tech or Lexar.


Keep in mind,

-Free ship runs out reaaal soon.

-Most all have a rebate to submit BUT download and read the rebate form!-some say max of two per sku#, some say max of one (which in that case I'd buy one of each sku#) i.e.: I've two purchased from SD, (01) 2gb & (01) 1gb-rebateable on the same form since their limit was one per sku#.

-I use Google Checkout as well.


My reasoning, behind buying ALL of the above brands was we go on a yearly treck throughout a certain region of the U.S. And although I bring an external harddrive to store miscelaneous, most of the time we are not going to rely on a USB jack/hotel room/camping site to have the ability for us to download our pic's/movies. Oh and yes everything gets to be high res on the pics too!


Oh, another thing, when I download the rebate form I fill it out immediately, stamp and all; staple it to my initial on-line invoice to remind me; and I search the form to see what else they've posted as rebatable, then usually surf for the best deal on what else they may have listed (note some rebate forms are for only certain stores though). 04 Digi cams, and no memory bought in a brick/mortar store (I ran past the 1gb cards by mistake on bf at cc to get the laptop & tower for 198 & 99).


Good Luck 'R!

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