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"ELF" 20% off & 0.99 ship. HEY the http for Rayovac? I couldn't get it to print when clicking on the lower right "Click here to Print Offer" - a little hand holding here please? Even tried save as.... for a download but the file size is only only 1kb, meaning no data contained for the form!

A quick glance at the site:

1. Car Battery-Optima Yellow Top D51. (ask a gear head if they want this if the price is right). At $149 it's ok. I'd check AdvAu_ or Au_Z_. Less than a year ago I paid alot less via an employee, but it seems about right, expecially after the 20% off? yep, change one-good deal. But, wouldn't you know it-out of stock status.

2. NiMH battery Prices,. Uh, very steep for me, even the name brands. (Starting to think that they're jacking the cost to cover the 20% discount).

3. Optima Battery Cover. HEY! what's going on here, they're posting two items out of stock/discontinued now.... ok one more looksie...

4. Tool Batteries. Black & Decker-none. Well nothing here for me.


Summary. Hope this :15min research helps someone out: Fairly good deal on one item with the 20% off-but out of stock; a nice add on item, regardless of the 20%-but discontinued; a lousy price-regardless of the 20%; and finally, NO deal/price on my particular (major) brand tool battery!


On the gotta deal scale for 'moi D minus/ heck I'll be gracious and just award Batteries.com an F. Oops, did I say that?????

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My local Strawberries/FYE store had Maxell batteries on BF- AA -48 pack for $14.99 witha $15.00 rebate and AAA - 12 packs for $4.99 with a $5.00 rebate. Makes it all free


The packages were still there this week for the same price REbates were vaild from 8/18/06-1/10/07. I submitted mine on 11/31 and got email notification that all rebates were received and in order, should have my checks soon.:)

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