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need help upgrading my phone w/renewing contract


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Okay, I am on a family plan with cingular with my mom and dh. Originally it was my mom and dad..but my dad preferred his prepaid and gave his phone to my dh and they just added me and my phone later. So, mom and dh's phones are the original phones that had 2yr contracts and when I got mine, I did a one year contract. Well, my contract is up tomorrow and I can upgrade to a new phone..which I REALLY want a razr phone with a camera if possible. We got them through the cingular office here in our town which also handles directv and dsl internet for our community(YK Communications). My question is...do I still have to go through YK to renew my contract and get a new phone, or can I do it online with cingular too? I still want to be on the family plan we have though and didn't know how to do it and still remain on the family share plan we have???? clueless here. Can anyone tell me if I can and tell me step by step how to do it online? Or can I get a phone from the cell phone spot at Walmart? I saw they had razr phones for cingular there for 38.00 with a new or renewed contract..but still want to get my bill with my mom's family plan...or do I just have to go to our local office. Was just looking for the BEST and cheapest deal for a razr renewing..but staying on the family plan. Dh and my mom aren't due to renew until July when the 2yrs is up for them. Confused yet????? LOL


SO...if I can look online and renew here with my dad(he's the name on the account), where is the best deal on a razr???? LOLOL


let me know if you need more confusion..I'm good at that!

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If you upgrade your phone with Cingular, you are almost always renewing your contract. Any of the "advertised" phone specials include a contract. Phone prices increase when you go from 2 yr, to 1 year to no contract. You need to simply purchase a phone from somewhere else with no contract. Cingular uses a SIM card, so you can take it out of yours and put it in any Cingular compatible Phone (even a Cingular GO phone). GOod luck.
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