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Best Deals Magazine Weekly Deals Dec 11-17


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DISNEY ADVENTURES is for children aged 7 to 14 who are eager to learn. Disney Adventures is a wacky and exciting monthly magazine that focuses on fun and action-packed adventure while covering the world of entertainment, real-life, comics, sports, technology, and weird science.



Valid 12/12/06


1 Year




If you love Holly-wood, INTERVIEW is for you! Interview offers the best in pop culture, people, film, fashion, music, art, and much more. Keeping you in-formed on everything Hollywood, why not combine it with OK!? You'll be the star at the water cooler every day!


5 years for only $7.79; how can you lose?


Valid 12/13/06


5 Years




Have a sports fan in your life? SPORTING NEWS is a must have for your fan! Each issue brings you in-depth articles and weekly analysis on football, baseball, basketball, and hockey - college and pro teams. Sporting News is America's sports authority and on this special day - Order now & receive 2 years for just $7!



Valid 12/14/06


2 Years



Celebrate mid-life with MORE! A perfect choice for women approaching - or in - today's new 40's and 50's. Timely subjects include health and practical fitness, relationships, travel, home, fashion, finances... all that means MORE to today's active woman. Written for the real woman by real women, learning and winning in matters of fast-paced lifestyles is neatly packaged in this beautifully created magazine. Don't miss out on this fantastic price for yourself, your Mom, your daughters, your friends... we all need a little MORE.


Valid 12/15/06


1 Year




NICKELODEON is an interactive and informative magazine brought to you by the hit children's network. Designed for children ages 6 through 14, each issue is designed to encourage imagination, creativity, safe exploration of the world around us, and thinking 'outside the lines'. Developing the minds of new and experienced readers alike, the possibilities will soar. Why not combine this wonderful magazine with Tuesday's Disney Adventures and keep the child in your life busily learning and growing all year long?


Valid 12/16/06


15 Issues




With COUNTRY HOME, your garden will be a haven, your home will be a revitalizing sanctuary, and the rush of today's pace will seem to stop right at your door. Lean how to revitalize rooms in new ways with original decorating tips and tricks, remodeling plans, unique gift ideas, buyer's resources and much more. Love antiques? Collectibles? You'll wait for each new issue of Country Home with anticipation; your mailperson will think you are family! Why not order today? At this price, you can send a little delight to everyone you know!



Valid 12/17/06


1 Year

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I just ordered OK magazine and Nickolodeaon magazine around 6 weeks ago and they just started coming last week. It seems like it was pretty fast. OK is a pretty good magazine, but nothing like People, reminds me of the Enquirer or something like that. I don't really like it. Also, Nickolodeon just started on Friday and I am very disappointed, it is for adults. Unless I get something seperate for kids, i was hoping it was more for kids.

The company seems to be good though.

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Guest ashbyyokosuka

i just did this today and got O.K. mag. at a FANTASTIC price.

really fantastic.



the coupon code worked.


going to order Disney for my kids tomorrow!!!


thanks for the heads up!

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Here are some codes that might work:


$15 off orders $75 or more at Best Deal Magazines. Enter coupon code MQRCJ1217.



$10 off orders $50 or more at Best Deal Magazines. Enter coupon code MQPCJ1217.


$5 off orders $30 or more at Best Deal Magazines. Enter coupon code MNDCJ1217.


Take an additional 15% off at Best Deal Magazines. Enter coupon code PXCJ1217.


$7.50 off orders $40 or more at Best Deal Magazines. Enter coupon code MQQCJ1217

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