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Anyone know of any codes/deals on Etnies?


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My son has finally gotten into specific shoes...I knew it would happen, just hoped he could hold out a few more years! :cool:


So, I'm on the hunt for Etnies Bastien shoes in the Black/White/Red color...I can find them on several sites, but at :eek: $64.99 or $69.99, I just cannot justify the purchase. :(


If anyone knows of any coupons/codes/deals on these silly shoes, I'd appreciate the help...



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Awesome, I'll take any help I can find...here are the best deals I've found so far. If you can find of any discount codes/coupons to help bring the prices down...I'd be forever grateful! :)


Zappo's $53.95 (sale thru Friday) w/free shipping

Danscomp.com $54.99

Eastbay $62.99 (w/10% off code)

BlackholeBoards.com $63.95

Etnies.com $69.99 w/free shipping

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Unfortunately, I need the more expensive men's size 6.5... :mad:


I've frequently been checking all of the sites that carry any Etnies...including Journeys, Pac Sun, and CCS. They either don't carry that style in those colors, or they don't have his size available. :eyepoppin

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