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Xbox 360 Core System available RIGHT NOW at Amazon.com


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I was reading the discussion boards over at Amazon.com and I noticed a lot of posters are saying they are just now getting offers on the voting deals...seems the ones that were not claimed are being redistributed...


NO deal on this, but since they are extremely hard to come by, I thought I would post it





I checked this by adding one to my cart...I am going over right now after I hit post to release it...


Hope this helps someone!

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some guy said he got the Xbox for $149.00 but only on the voters page...I am going to keep trying and clicking on all the items I am interested in....the Xbox said sold out on the actual voters page but it wasn't....


I bet there will be a slew of us going for the TV...:D ...my poor fingers are going to be hurting over the next few days....

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does it show up at that price or will it still show as sold out?

No, the $150.00 price was just what I read in the discussion board over at Amazon.com...someone claims to have gotten the xbox for that price...not sure if that is true or not...the price was the full retail price, but at least it was available...I don't know where you are, but they are pretty scarce here


I will say that you do need to click on the item...even if it says sold out...some of the items are not sold out...I have been in and out of there all day, so I am hoping that one of the times I click on that item great voter item, I will get it for the discounted price...probably a pipe dream, but it hasn't stopped me from trying...


DH says my furious tapping on the keyboard sound like a machine gun....:o

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For the core system, this isn't a good deal at $299.99. You still need to add the 20 gb hard drive, which adds an additional $100 to the system. When the core system was being voted on at Amazon for $100, then it was a good deal.


There seem to be plenty of the premium systems available, both online and at the stores. They can be had in the $350-range.

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Subtotal: $403.98



- $80.80

Shipping Charge:* $0.00



Grand Total: $323.18



You can't get the discount if you just grab the xbox, so put something cheap in your cart like this splitter

10269797 Xbox 360 Platinum (with Hardrive) (Xbox 360 Platinum (w/ Hardrive)) 1 $398.99 USPS Media Mail 2-15 Business Days

10487007 Universal Headset Splitter 1 $4.99 Ground 5-10 Business Days

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