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Oh Gosh I thought I lucked up

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:eek: I have been trying to find a certain gift for my NEPHEW. The Cranium Giggle Gear Mega Mask!

Everybody was out of stock since I started looking. Finally Target has it on their site but it says ships in 2-6 weeks. Can't take that chance right. However they will let you check local stores within 100 miles. Check ours and Available pops up at our closest one. Keep in mind we live in the country. Our closest one is 1:15 away. Happens to be my MIL amd FIL are going to be there on Monday. So I call make sure they do have it. They do, guy says I will put in behind the counter for you. Great, tell him again which I want and my last name. They go to pick it up and MIL goes in alone. She's kinda ditzy:rolleyes: Love her Heart. She gets it. I'm so happy:cheesy: Everything is in my FIL car. See him this morning grab the things out of the back of the car.:gdclap: I want to check it out and see what it does. Pull it out of the bag and..... ITS PINK. She got the fairy one!!!:D So I found it again this morning on Amazon through eToys. Had to pay for shipping but at this point I don't care! So now I have a Pink Fairy mask that I am not taking all the way back into TN to return. Anybody need one?

And so goes my holiday season!


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Did they not have it on the Cranium site? I order lots of stuff from them & remember seeing these on there, but did not really pay attention to whether or not they were in stock. Free shipping if you spend $25 - I think that is an all the time deal!




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