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Target Toy Catalog HELP

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Can someone please help me.Im looking for the Target toy catalog.I know its expired bt my DD asked for something from there and i need to know the brand.It was the scrap booking kit for $14.99.I remember it being on the bottom of the page.If somehas it and can let me know the name or scan a pic of it for me i would be forever GREATFUL!!!
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yep...that what it says....no brand name.

I am MAJORLY into scxrapbooking, and I see that listed, itis on page 45 and my honest opinoin....check out places like Michaels and Joanns, they have scrapbook kits for kids all the time, and they are cheap if not cheaper in price. Good luck!!

I did a check on the Target website for that product and it is not listed, so it must have been just a speical buy, not a regular item??

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