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Return Monitor from BB $189 deal?


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Can I return the monitor from the BB Emachine $189 computer deal? I have 3 computers and 6 monitors, so I don't need it as it's the smallest monitor in the house.


Has anyone tried this yet?

I didn't buy that bundle, but I believe that you probably can but I "think" it has to be within 14 days of the original purchase. Also, it will have seperate line on the receipt & the bundle discount is divided among the products. Check your receipt to find out how much you would get for returning it. My son bought a bundle with a printer that he didn't need, but he decided it was worth keeping when he found out that he would only get $40 back for it.

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I read in the fine print somwhere that yes you can return it. But it wont work out as good as last years similar sale. This year the amoutn of the discount from the sale will be split evenly over all the items in the bundle instead of just the computer discounted. So long story short, yes you can , but you wont get as much back for it as people did last year.
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