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Vizio 46" Lcd Tv -- Costco

Guest nychot

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Several weeks ago we were at costco and they on display and in boxs (about six or seven) the above TV. i think the price was $1899 but there was a $300 coupon. that said, i didn't but it. just didnt feel like spending the $ at the moment. we were back in costco the other day, and all the 46 inchers were gone as were the 42" which i would have gone for. i spoke to one of the red coats, a knowledgeable guy. he called other costco stores in the area and all were sold out. then he advised me not to waste my time, that vizio had discontinued it. then he told me that vizio was going to release one with 1080 and costco was going to have them in a few weeks. i went to vizio's website and didnt see anything about new models. anyone have an more info. i reall want the 46" LCD (with a coupon.)


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nychot, I was looking at the identical item at sams club last week, I don't think they had the 300 dollars off though they were offering free fiance I think till 2,008! I really liked that tv I thought it compared to the sony..at a lesser price.. I hope if they bring this new tv out it compares to the old price that is what made me like that tv.. keep us informed on what you find out.. thanks
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