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Gift ideas for my boss

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Hunting or fishing magazine. A coffee mug in one of those themes and filled with favorite candy, hmm I will keep thinking

thanks! those are some good ideas..but he gets every hunting and fishing magazine you could think of mailed to our office and he is not much of a coffee drinker..hes a hard person to shop for lol

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Since office depot is clearancing out a bunch of stuff they have a great deal on the cooler/chair below. Just get it for all of $6.00 and $0.00 for shipping and fill it up with a few magazines or books...maybe some handwarmers or a pack of thermal socks for hunting. A small pair of binoculars is always nice too. My step dad is a hunter/fisher too. I am used to buying him this kind of stuff.


Cooler Backpack Chair, 15 3/4"H x 13 1/2"W x 9 1/2"D, Green


This innovative 3-in-1 cooler backpack chair is just what you need for your next camping trip, picnic outing or tailgate party. It lets you bring snacks and drinks with you while providing a place to sit too. The compact chair features a built-in insulated cooler under the seat to keep your snacks and drinks cool. The cooler is conveniently divided into 2 compartments to keep items separated. Sewn-in backpack straps and sturdy carry handles for multiple, easy carrying options.


#197904 $6.00 (just go to www.officedepot.com and type in 197904 in the search box)

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I used to work for a dentist who was also one of those guys who pretty much bought what he wanted and was hard to buy for. One year we got him a gift certificate to get his car detailed. His car was always a mess. He seemed to like it.

Yeah a gift certificate for his car would be good..he gets his car detailed everyweek..lol

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