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Need a laptop, maybe Toshiba?

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I thought I had the perfect deal with the Toshiba A105-S4284, and Circuit City was throwing in a printer too, which I need. Of course it sold out, twice. What I need is a lightweight laptop that can handle lots of photos, lots of internet browsing and possibly work with my cingular phone because we are moving to a place that does not have cable or dial-up internet. The salespeople convinced me I need the duo-core, and blue tooth would be nice. Would like to stay under $1000. Will need a good battery. If someone could find me a deal and list the upgrades I would need, I would be super grateful!
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You should know that the "A" line of Toshiba laptops aren't made by "Toshiba" at all... they are rebadged versions of other manufacturers laptops.


I have a Toshiba A75-S209, it's two years old. It was part of a Class Action Lawsuit that included about 5 Toshiba models and their issues with overheating. The basic issue it that the cooling fans on the bottom of the laptop suck air up (rather than blow it out as most laptops do). The fans do not cool the laptop adequately and fill up with dust easily.


The A75 line also is commonly affected with an electrical short that causes you to lose audio (my laptop is affected by this). To fix the audio is a long and drawn-out process of deleting and reinstalling the audio drivers or you need to replace the motherboard altogether.


The A75 line also is known for having the power connector problem where the power connection breaks off of the motherboard and you can't use the AC cord to run the computer...


I must say that they may have cleared up the three issues I outlined above, but personally would steer clear of a Toshiba, unless the deal was ridiculously good and it would be used as a "backup" computer.

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Wow, Marcster, thanks for pointing this out! I borrowed a Toshiba from a friend and I noticed the bottom of it warmed up very quickly. Since I don't have much experience with laptops, I thought they all had this problem. Circuit City has some HPs on sale and I think they work with Cingular, so I'm going to research that...appreciate any advice on those too. The IT people around here really discourage Dells, and Dell had the lowest prices I could find. Anyone else with ideas?
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You can get an awesome deal on a new laptop with Dual Core, DVD Burner, WiFi, free upgrade to Windows Vista but it's a Dell.


BTW my Dell laptop has been rock solid for the past 1.5 years and I would not hesitate to buy another Dell. No laptop is perfect, at some point you have to bite the bullet and jump on a hot deal before it's gone.

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My first post; looks like a nice forum.


Dell is great! I've had a bunch of them (all laptops) and only one problem, with a keyboard; and it was easy and cheap to fix because they're so common. You can buy any part you need for a Dell on ebay, no matter how old they are.

Tech support sucks in one sense (no-one seems to speak English when you phone them) but in many other ways Dell tech support is the best: their web site, downloadable updates, user forums, etc.

Good resale value; reliability; great value for your buck; consistently-high marks from reviewers in the major magaines;

I don't know why someone would buy anything else.


and no, I don't own stock in Dell; I don't work for Dell; I don't know anyone at Dell; (in fact, one of my best friends here works for HP, laptop division); I have no axe to grind. Just my personal two cents opinion.



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I may just go ahead and get the Dell, end this search headache. Their prices are far better than the deals I'm seeing at the box stores. Dell has laptops with the features Rossman mentioned in the 700+ range. I don't even have to mess with rebates with them. I know there are sites somewhere that evaluate all the models--I just have not found them yet. I can speak expertly about where to buy plants, tools and trees, what to look for, who to avoid, but computers---I'm afraid I'll buy something that's obsolete next month! Or the price will drop $$$$ in a week. THanks for the advice.
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I know there are sites somewhere that evaluate all the models--I just have not found them yet.

http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/Marcster2005/Smileypad/Computers/prof15.gif All you had to do is ask!!!:


www.cnet.com, specifically here: http://reviews.cnet.com/Notebooks/2001-3121_7-0.html






Or search on Google:


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What's your budget?


CC has a laptop for $399 after rebate but it's been on sale since Sunday, so it's sold out in most areas.

Yah, I saw that & BB had one as well but they're all gone. My budget is flexible, but I want a bargain. Do you have any thoughts about the ones on Dell's site in the outlet? Refurbished to be more specific. I like the price of the Celeron Ms that have been on sale, but I would probably be disappointed in their performance. There have been a lot of Core duos on the dell site in the $599- $649 range. They come with the same warranty as the new ones.


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