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DVD Complete Sets?


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Hi there and welcome to my very first post. I have been reading all the overwhelming info for days now, thanks to all of you who share your wisdom and finds with all of us. I am looking for a deal on 2 different "complete series" DVD sets for "Sex and the City" and also for "Friends". Has anyone seen any BF deals on these? How about a regular sale on these items? They are even expensive on ebay. Thank you in advance! ;)
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Walmart has both. Not sure if they will be on sale for BF or not but here are links to them on walmart.com


Sex and the city $171.87 (it says you're saving 43%- reg 299.95)



Friends $182.88 (saving 39%- reg 299.98)




I have the entire series of Sex and the City (my favorite show). But I got the seasons individually as they came out.


I lack seasons 3, 4, and 10 having the complete series of Friends. I remember seeing someone having Friends seasons for $14.99 on BF. I'm just hoping it's for the seasons I'm needing.

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