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Anyone know anything about the Evansville, IN Best Buy?


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Like, how long are the lines, how long you had to wait to get the REALLY good items, what time you got there, how many people in line, etc? Thanks!!!!!! :tired:

I would call the store and ask them how busy it was last year at BF.

You might want to get in line at about 1am or so. They are suppose to hand out tickets for the good stuff at about 4am. It was a mad house last year.

Welcome to the community to all of you! I would say if you want to get any doorbuster items to get into line between 7pm and 9pm local time on Thursday. For more info on what time to get into line please visit this thread: http://forums.gottadeal.com/showthread.php?t=50978


Good luck!

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