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Canon Rebel XT (EOS 350D)


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Has anyone found a better deal that $519 shipped for the body only (black preferred)? I don't need the kit, since I already have some lenses.


Any speculation that it will go much lower than that? I'd love to get it for around $400-$450, but that might be a bit optimistic on my part.

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I meant circuit city.com. Use the 10% off coupon (see 42" plasma in online hot deals) to knock it down under $500. Free shipping of course or choose instore pickup to get it today.

Thanks, I see, now. After tax, CC ends up a bit higher than $519. It's for Christmas, so picking up today isn't a big deal to me.

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Guest kalirabbit

Staples is offering a 12% coupon that I've seen for Dec 12 and beyond that makes the XTI even with the lens.


Dell seems to have the best base price on the XTI. At least for a legitimate website.

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