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Sent an email to Staples abt online sales and got this......


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Thank you for contacting me on this website issue, William.


The specials in the store and online are usually fairly similar but

there will be items that are

only available online and items that are only available in the store.


The sale will go live on the website in the early morning hours of the

sale. Unfortunately we do

not have an exact time as it can change depending on the updates sent

to the site. Once you see a

sale price on the website you can order it.


I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please do

not hesitate to contact us if

you require further assistance.

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I don't find the answer confusing. Basically the rep is saying he can't confirm or deny online availablity of certain things. Some stores will have things not available online, but there may be things available online that are not in a particular store.


We can assume that everything listed on the front cover of the ad will not be available online, because it says "offers valid in store only" and "applies to items on front cover only." It would be very surprising if they had those items available online at BF prices.


What I think we can surmise from this message is that most of the items not on the front cover of the ad will be available both in-store and online but that they may not be available at BF prices immediately at midnight. The page will be updated in the "early morning hours." So keep checking the item until you see the price drop; then you can buy the item at that price.

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I hope they are because we don't have a Staples here (or within 50 miles according to their map), although I see their trucks around all the time.


Well I just found out that we DO have a Staples here in Houston. I found it thru yellowpages instead of the staples site. they said the same thing about there not being one within 50 miles. So Im goin! Try the yellowpages route Ice.

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