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Weekend Tools & Home Item Sale at Amazon + Save $25-$50 w/ coupon


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Some great gift ideas in here, including a $19.99 cordless drill.


Also: Use promotional code NOVTOOLS to get $25 back at final checkout when you spend $150 to $299, or $50 back when you spend $300 or more, on any products sold by Amazon.com Tools & Hardware.

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This is a heck of a deal. I got the Skil version of this a few months ago and it retailed for $48 normally! These are the best, always ready to go, which makes them perfect for all those times you'd really like to use a screwdriver/drill but it doesn't seem worth the effort to drag it out, make sure it's charged, etc. :)



Denali 3.6V Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver Kit - $24.99



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