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Idea: Gift for Mom/Dad from Kids

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Here is a suggestion if the children are wanting to get mom or dad something with a personal touch. Sit down with the children and have them think of memories they have had with mom/dad. Ideas can be simple ones such as a certain meal they assited with, or a vacation, etc... After writing down all ideas, you can include some of your own, type them up. Print them on different colored paper and then have the kids cut them out in strips. Purchase an inexpensive jar and place a ribbon around the top. Fold the colored strips and place in jar. You now have a memory jar. Everyday mom/dad grabs a strip and reads it. Mom/dad have a smile and a memory that will last the whole day.
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This is off your topic but gave me a good idea for something else.


This idea is great when someone retires also. Have everyone that comes to the retirement party or before put in there moment and thoughts.


I am going to share this w/ my coworkers since we are getting ready to plan a retirement party.


Thanks :D

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