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GONE! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Play Set In Stock !!!

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I finally found the figurines at Walmart. Have an employee scan the shelf code to see if any are in stock or if they are scheduled to come. I then called them twice a day to check. They said they had thousands of pallets and didn't know where they were or when they would get to them. They had sixteen some where in the back and by the time I got there only one of every set was left and one car which had never been there before. They go THAT fast!!!
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sears.com has the clubhouse in stock right now for $39.99


i can't get the link to work, just search on mickey mouse, then click the toy category.


It still shows as "In Stock" on the description page, and I can put it in my cart, but then when I proceed to checkout it says it is out of stock and removes it from my cart. Darn, I'll keep trying.

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