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Any Previous Experiences in Daytona Beach Florida


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Hoping to make this a happy turkey day! :D

I'm in Daytona Beach Florida and plan to do Best Buy for black Friday, but I've got a couple of questions about the store during the sale in this area.

I've been able to find out that a good time to get to the store (in order to make sure that I'll be between the 1st and 9th person in line) is around 7:00 to 7:30 pm on turkey day and that's cool. I plan on camping out with an ipod, a large thermos of coffee and another of soup; also a small cooler for snacks and the like, but I’ve still got a couple of questions:

1. When did they hand out tickets for doorbuster items last year?

2. Did they hand out tickets for non-doorbuster items w/ limited supply like monitors and/or video cameras?:confused:

3. What does the poor, single man do when he’s in line alone and feels the call of nature but is afraid to lose his spot in line?:eyepoppin

4. For the folks that are camping out, what do you do w/ all of your camping supplies when the door opens and it’s time to rock and roll?:confused:

Thanks for any assistance you can give me!:fluffy:

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