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my dh had the best deal at work on IPods


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I wanted to get our dd a IPod/Mp3 player what have you.


Well the one at BB for 34.00 seemed not to bad IF I was able to get one that is:) . I knew that WM had it for 69.xx so I put it on layaway along with a bunch of those bargin movies that will be out.


I get home and dh says guess what we are going shopping on the computer(points to his work one):confused::rolleyes: he hates shopping so why was he so excited???:D :D



here with his job heearns points over time he forgot about it and then forgothispassword toget into it!:no: :no: :razz: so once he got it. WOW we scored he was able to get


1 IPod 30GB it plays,music,boosk,video god only knows what else

and he also got another 1 that was like maybe 10 or20 GB can not remember for sure on the second one .I was so excited about the first one:g_thumbri .they will cost us NOTHING but tax thats all!!!!!!!!

the even funier part is we ordered them when they were sitting by us but they were so involved in there stuff they never even noticed what we had been doing:eyepoppin :cheesy: . I am guessing these are worth close to300.00 I don't know much about this things at all. the nice thing is my dd has a LDand she will benefit from audio books in the next school year so this will help in that are as well.

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thats still not bad saving 40.00. the timing was really good for us,I'm going to keep mine other one on layaway incase god for bid it does not come in time. they say have your order in by 12/10 but I know how that goes.


he can get a all kinds of things have to remember this in the future they have big screen tvs,boats you name it.

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