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Microsoft Wireless set with fingerprint!


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Guys compusa has Microsoft wireless desktop on sale for 59 then a mail in 10 rebate. I dont know if it was in the BF ads but I almost bought it. INstead bought a logitech desktop express. I will find a link to the kit and come back with it if I can.


Here we go! :fedora:

To get this incredible deal click here

Same thing at the store but has fingerprint section on left side to help "get rid of passwords!!!" :jester: Like someone else said, "This is the same man that said people dont need more than 640k of memory! :rant:


Some one also told me that stuff from compusa and 6th ave is not warrantied by companies cause Compusa is not a "licenced dealer"! :giggle::2roller: Give me a freaking break!!! If logitech says lifetime warrenty guess what..... Im sure they honor it no matter where its bought from!


But anyway check my awsome deal! :yelclap:

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I dont know I was gonna buy it but then I saw this set and said for the less money and not having to wait for the rebate!!! I had enough to buy a book too! Hunter S. Thompson!!! :)


Need to get used to the keyboard though. My aim is waaaaaay off in halflife!

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