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Best BF Deal so far?


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If you need a laptop, the $379 HP @ BB is the best deal.


Intel Core Solo, 512MB RAM, 80GB, WiFi built in, DVD Burner and more.


:gdiagree: What I want to know is, what if any of the BB stuff will be available online?? If so, will it start at midnight or 5a.m.?? The only thing I see from WM is the rocker chair.

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Guest ladakn99

The 32" LCD from Best Buy**GOT TO HAVE THIS**

The E-Machine from Best Buy

The Acer Laptop from Circuit City

The 7.1 MP Samsung from Circuit City

waiting for CompUSA...


Maybe the NVidia 7600 Card from Circuit City


But it all depends on


Office Depot



K-Mart(Thanksgiving)(they had a 7MP camera on sale for $100, but no brand???)

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mine isnt a big item but WM is going to have the easy bake oven on sale for $10! It says it will be available online also, so i am hoping this is true. my dd's bday party is saturday, the day after BF and this is the one thing dh and i were going to get her.

I saw this, and thought it was awesome too. But I just bought a real meal oven for $15 at TRU for their 3 day sale, so I don't feel like I did too bad.

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I agree . Best deal so far.

Im also very impressed with CC's ad.

Are we reading the same CC ad? lol. most of the stuff are MIR and i'm talking about gigantic MIR (110 for a freaking vid card is rediculous MIR)... and FYI right now there's 2 deals going on for 32" flatpanel. both are 540 shipped... so this black friday i really really really have to see what's after BB and CC... hopefully comp USA, staple, OD, and fry will have something better.

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Here's a hard cold dose of reality folks.

The BB Laptop and LCD TV are highly likely to be in very limited supply per store. From past experience (and you can review last years posts), I would guess that they'll have less then 25 of each and maybe less then 20.

To guarantee yourself one or both of these items you will have to be one of the first in line. I would again guess that it will take a 7-9 hour wait on line to have a shot. They will not be available online.

We just had a grand opening of a Frys near me and they had a very similar deal for a 37 inch LCD, but they were as good as gone by the time theu opened the doors. This makes it possible that Fry's will also repeat the deal on BF.

BB & CC may open up some of their doorbusters to the web if they're not moving as well as hoped. They've done so the past 2 years.

The only BF sale where they usually have a large supply of the door busters is WalMart. I don't even think they will offer a door buster unless they can have a minimum of a few hundred available per store.

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